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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Bonded Warehouse License


The Georgia State Warehouse Act, O.C.G.A. 10-4-1 et seq., requires that if you plan to store cotton or grain for the public, you must be a licensed warehouseman.


To qualify for a State Bonded Warehouse license under the Act, each applicant must contact this office and arrange for a physical inspection and capacity determination of the facility, provide a completed bonded warehouse license application, appropriate and sufficient financial statement, proof of stock insurance, warehouseman's bond (surety, letter of credit, or CD), schedule of charges (tariff), must have or obtain a Certified Public Weigher's license and certified scales on the premises, warehouse receipts (contact office for instructions), and the license fee.


Less than 200,000 bushels - $2000
Equal to or over 200,000 bushels - $2500
Less than 7,500 bales - $2000
Equal to or over 7,500 bales - $2500

Annual renewal every July


Suzanne B. Whitted
Tele: 404 586-1416
Fax: 404 586-1126


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