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Georgia Grown Executive Chef Program

The Georgia Department of Agriculture's Georgia Grown campaign has partnered with the Georgia Restaurant Association for a statewide, Georgia Grown Executive Chef program.

Mission: To create a statewide, Georgia Grown Executive Chef program to promote and foster relationships between chefs and farmers. The program will create a mark of honor and distinction for each chef involved, and garner a greater awareness both among restaurateurs and consumers about the availability of quality, local products on Georgia’s restaurant scene. The execution of this program will create a pathway for consumers to find “Georgia Grown” in their communities in order to support local, seasonal foods when dining out. This will also highlight and involve public school culinary education programs in terms of increased opportunities for Georgia Grown products, training and recipe development.

Learn more at the Georgia Grown and Georgia Restaurant Association websites. For press release information, click here.

Meet the Executive Chefs (click each name for biographical information):


  • Chef Rusty Bowers - Pine Street Market
  • Chef Megan Brent - White Oak Kitchens
  • Chef Cynthia Graubart - PeachDish
  • Chef Dusty Grove - Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar
  • Chef Nick Leahy - Saltyard
  • Chef Jason Paolini - Linton’s in the Garden








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