Ga Dept of Agriculture


Livestock & Poultry

Dr. Robert Cobb, State Veterinarian
19 MLK, Jr. Drive, Room 112
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Tele: 404-656-3665
Tele: 404-656-9383

Courtney Wilson, Livestock & Poultry Program Manager
Tele: 404-656-3665

Field Force investigators handle many issues involving poultry & livestock on a daily basis. Whether at a public sale, market, or show, their enforcement of health regulations and laws pertaining to state requirements keep Georgians and their animals healthy. Livestock/Poultry holds certification training for Animal Feeding Operators at no cost to Georgia swine, poultry, and dairy farmers.

Livestock/Poultry Enforces and regulates the statutes governing:

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